Development of Laser Marking Machine

Laser marking and holmium laser fiber size is a widely used technology in the field of current marking processing.Compared with the traditional marking methods, such as electro chemical and mechanical marking, this technology has the advantages of low material consumption, fast marking speed, easy adjustment in marking, high stability and no pollution. Therefore, laser marking has gradually replaced the traditional marking method and been widely used in industrial production and life.Since the 1990s, laser marking equipment has been continuously improved and its advantages as a new marking technology have become increasingly prominent. Nowadays, holmium laser fiber size has been widely used in various product lines, ranging from cosmetics to aviation equipment.Laser marking machine is the combination of advanced laser technology and computer control technology.

With the improvement of laser marking equipment and the prominent advantages of laser marking in trademark anti-counterfeiting marking, holmium laser fiber size has great potential and optimistic prospect in the field of marking.

Laser marking machine of fiber nameplatesusing the principle of light reflection, the use of plane mirror to change the direction of laser beam propagation, by controlling the plane mirror deflection Angle, and change the direction of the laser light path, the plane mirror here is also known as the mirror.Generally, the galvanometer is mounted on a rotatable electric machine, and the rotation of the motor is controlled by the computer program to change the deflection of the galvanometer, so as to control the laser's deflection direction.

holmium laser fiber size

Laser marking machine marking technology in the field of printing more and more applications,fiber nameplates laser marking machine used in plastic, metal, PCB chips, silicon chips, packaging and other materials.Laser marking machine and the traditional ink printing, mechanical engraving, screen printing, chemical corrosion, etc., with low cost, high flexibility, can be controlled by the computer system, the production of drawing to mark the graphics you need to write, and the laser action on the surface of the work piece produced by the permanent mark is its prominent characteristics.

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