How is Laser Marking Widely Used?

Laser marking technology is wisely fiber laser an important part of laser processing. Many unique advantages of laser marking are beyond the reach of other marking technologies.Laser marking fiber laser head price is the use of high energy density of the laser on the work piece local irradiation, surface material vaporization or color change of chemical reaction, leaving a permanent mark, trademark marking method.fiber laser head price.

fiber laser head price

With the development of The Times, laser marking technology has become an effective mark processing method, in all walks of life has been more and more widely used.The advantages of laser marking technology is increasingly clear to show in front of people, it can type a variety of characters, symbols and patterns, character size can be from millimeter to micron,fiber laser head price which has a special significance for the security of products.

Laser marking technology is being paid more and more attention to in the industry at home and abroad.Some developed countries in the world have taken this technology as the technological standard for industrial processing, and China also attaches great importance to this technology.wisely fiber laserThe state science and technology commission has listed this technology as the "eight-fifth torch plan" for development and promotion.

Now it has wisely fiber laser attracted the attention of more and more domestic manufacturers, will replace the traditional marking process, to inject new vitality into product production.Therefore, laser marking has great potential for development and broad market prospects.

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