How to adjust the focal length ...


How to adjust the focal length?(2)

The third type: double red light point value method.This method requires the hardware configuration of the device itself when it leaves the factory. Add one or two oblique red lights next to the galvanometer or galvanometer. Using some principles of a right triangle, use a fixed right angle edge and two coincident Beve ... Read More

Laser marking machine cleaning ...


Laser marking machine cleaning(2)

Second, the lens cleaning (recommended to clean before work every day, the equipment must be turned off)In the introduction of the previous machine, it has been mentioned that there are three mirrors and one focusing mirror on the engraving machine (the No. 1 mirror is located at the exit of the laser tube, that is, th ... Read More

Laser marking processing has g ...


Laser marking processing has good flexibility

(1) The laser itself is a relatively simple and easy-to-control device. If the beam generated by it is integrated into a very thin beam, it can be cut; the defocus can be welded at a point; and then defocused, the heat treatment can be performed.metal carve fiber laser marking machine(2) Laser processing not only has h ... Read More

Laser marking machine cleaning ...


Laser marking machine cleaning(1)

Doing a good job of daily cleaning of the laser marking machine not only improves the processing effect of the product, but also extends the service life of the equipment. It saves the cost while improving the work efficiency, which is really a wise move for general laser marking manufacturers. So where do we do the da ... Read More

Flexible Manufacturing System ...


Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS)

Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS) refers to a highly flexible and highly automated manufacturing system suitable for multi-variety, medium and small batch production. Flexibility is the biggest feature of FMS, that is, the ability of the system to adapt to the external environment. metal fiber laserSince its inc ... Read More

Implementation of laser flexib ...


Implementation of laser flexible processing system

From the above text, we can find that the laser processing has good compatibility with the flexible manufacturing system. Combining the two to form a laser flexible processing system will surely receive extraordinary effects and achieve good results under the condition of good cooperation with each other. income.metal ... Read More

Overview of the laser


Overview of the laser

The world's first laser was born in 1960. China developed the first laser in 1961. For more than 40 years, laser technology and application have developed rapidly. It has been combined with many disciplines to form multiple application technologies, such as optoelectronic technology , laser medical and photonic bio ... Read More

Advantages of laser marking ma ...


Advantages of laser marking machine

Advantages of laser marking Laser marking is an emerging and advanced technology that combines computer and control technology to give it many advantages:l, a wide range of applications: almost all materials can be marked.cnc fiber laser marking machine for metal2, high marking efficiency: computer-controlled laser bea ... Read More

Laser marking systems are most ...


Laser marking systems are mostly composed of the following parts

(1) Laser: It produces a high-energy pulsed laser beam or a continuous laser beam. Its energy magnitude, pulse output frequency, mode and lifetime directly determine the success or failure of the entire marking system. It is the core component of the marking system.cost effective metal filter fiber laser etching machin ... Read More

2019 QR code marking artifact: ...


2019 QR code marking artifact: fiber laser marking machine

The most popular now is the QR code, the Internet of Things. Mobile phone scanning QR code is everywhere, maybe you have seen a lot of QR codes, newspapers, magazines, pictures, networks, pro! Have you seen the QR code above the metal parts?We first come to the system to understand the QR code: the QR code is a black a ... Read More

What is the role of the crysta ...


What is the role of the crystal oscillator in the microcontroller?

Simply put, without a crystal oscillator, there is no clock cycle, no clock cycle, the program code cannot be executed, and the microcontroller cannot work.epoxy resin metal code fiber laser marking machine for jewelleryWhen the microcontroller is working, the instructions are taken from the RoM one by one, and then ex ... Read More

Key Technology of Scanning Gal ...


Key Technology of Scanning Galvanometer for Laser Marking Machine

In marking applications, the mirror type used in the scanning galvanometer consists of a quartz substrate material with a thickness between 2.0 and 7.0 mm, depending on the mirror size and angular acceleration. The electrolyte coating provides sufficient reflectance (>98.0%) over the corresponding wavelength range ( ... Read More