Why choose laser marking machine?

Now widely used laser marking technology, is the high power density in laser focus, through certain optical system after make in the 100w fiber laser polymerization focus position of the surface of the work piece material to produce heat and physical and chemical reaction, implemented by the rotation of the optical system components and so on 100w fiber laser light path on the surface of the work piece material, mobile, mark clear lasting imprint to play.Compared with traditional marking technology, laser marking technology has the advantages of high precision, fast speed, low cost and no pollution, and fiber laser 10w has a huge market prospect.

Laser marking technology, as a precision machining method developed in modern times,fiber laser 10w has incomparable advantages over traditional printing and marking methods.

fiber laser 10w

After focusing the extremely thin laser beam is like the traditional processing we use the knife, we can colloquially called "light knife".Its machining trajectory on the material surface is in accordance with the trajectory of a closely connected points to remove the processing.Compared with other technologies, laser marking technology is advanced in non-contact processing, so it avoids the impact of the extrusion stress caused by contact processing on the unprocessed area of the work piece in the traditional processing process, and does not change the distribution of residual stress on the material surface, thus maintaining the mechanical properties of the material itself.The spot size diameter of laser beam after focusing is very small, so in the marking processing of material surface by laser beam,fiber laser 10w the deformation area affected by the heat of the material is small, and the processing accuracy is higher.Therefore, 100w fiber laser marking is more suitable for some conventional processing methods difficult to achieve the process requirements.

fiber laser 10w

The controllable performance of laser is good.fiber laser 10wmarking can be used in a wide range of industrial fields, especially for automatic processing and complex surface processing and other fields.It can be applied to both the experimental manufacture of small batch products and the manufacture of large batch products. The laser marking technology is flexible.

Laser marking precision is high.Laser marking line can reach millimeter to micron level, so it is difficult to copy and modify by other means, with high security.

cnc fiber laser With computer software and numerical control technology, laser marking can be used in automated production lines and capable of machining complex shapes, and can be applied to modern high-efficiency production requirements.

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